Members’ Rights

Each member has the following rights:

  1. Participate in the committees and bodies affiliated to BJA.
  2. Participate in the researches and studies prepared by BJA.
  3. Participate in meetings and conferences that BJA holds or take part in.
  4. Receive BJA’s newsletters and publications either free or at discounted prices.
  5. Benefit from the information and database as well as books and studies available at BJA.
  6. Benefit from privileges granted by the public sector and any other bodies whether be it legal, administrative or financial facilities.
  7. Participate in BJA’s General Assembly meetings and discussions.
    BJA’s commitments towards its members:

BJA is committed to ensure the following rights to its members as long as they do not contradict the country’s laws and journalism codes:

  1. Receive news, information and statistics from their source and publish them, as well as publishing their opinions and comments.
  2. Enjoy protection against any pressures especially concerning the disclosure of their sources of information and the norms of their profession.
  3. Enjoy their job rights which do not allow making them accountable because of their job unless if they breach their duties and the norms of their profession.
  4. Not to be harmed physically nor morally because of expression of opinion or publishing true information.
  5. To write and publish and not to deprive them from such practices without any right to do so.
  6. Defend them in professional cases and seek to obtain from the pertinent bodies information pertaining to interrogations conducted with them.